Riverlands Roadhouse - Blenheim
3535 State Highway 1, Riverlands, Blenheim, NZ | 03 579 3300

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Riverlands Roadhouse is located only approximately 5 minutes South of Blenheim. A perfect location for accessing what Blenheim has to offer before carrying on with your journey further down the South Island or for making a holiday while staying with us.

Blenheim is situated in the heart of the wine-growing Marlborough and is one of the sunniest towns in New Zealand. It also boasts a pleasing selection of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, artisan food outlets and golf courses and more than 20 wineries within driving distance of the town.

03 579 3300 -

(+64) 4 569 4043


3535 State Highway 1, Riverlands, Blenheim, NZ

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